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Shocking photos of the Smolensk air crash victims have been published on the Internet.

One Russian blogger was said to have published them. At the same time the editor-in-chief of the "Super Express" daily Slawomir Jastrzebowski claims that 2 people came to him offering to sell him these photos. Jastrzebowski assures that he rejected this offer because according to him; the photos should not "be published sooner than in 50 years' time."

The photos were taken at the crash site and in the mortuary. The shocking photos show, among others, the body of the late Polish President, Lech Kaczynski.


"The Parliamentary committee received these photos a few days ago," said Antoni Macierewicz, who reveals that they were given to foreign experts in forensic medicine, in order to assess them and to formulate conclusions concerning the causes and the course of the air crash. According to Antoni Macierewicz, leader of the Parliamentary committee investigating the causes of the Smolensk air crash "The game which the Russians are playing with the use of these photos is barbaric. And all this has only become possible due to the negligence of the Polish cabinet."

The Internal Security Agency (ABW) has informed that the photos of the Smolensk air crash victims have spread were published and are currently present on the servers in Germany, the USA and in Ukraine. Attempts are made by the ABW to block them and have them removed. However, this in many instances has proven to be impossible. "So far the websites of the German and American domains have not been closed because the services of these states in their response informed us that they could not block these websites due to the legal limitations in their countries." Some of these sites are mixed with ads of pornographic character.


According to what the portal has established, the photos of the Smolensk victims' bodies published on the Internet by an alleged blogger come from the evidence collected by the Russian MAK (IAC). Russians are responsible for leakage of the drastic photos from Smolensk. Polish government knew about the existence of these photos on the internet since end of September, and hasn't reacted until things have been made public, and the photos widely published. The photos come from the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) archive, and can be proved by comparing characteristic descriptions, resolutions, and the fact that only IAC and Russian Federation Investigation Committee officers had the access to the mortuary.

“Once again we can see that all evidence is in the Russian hands. The Russians manipulate them, and their reassurance about mutual cooperation is just empty words. Therefore we must aim and plan to establish an independant international commission set to investigate what really happened on 10 April in Smolensk” – highlights Antoni Macierewicz, the Investigating Parliamentary Committee Chief.


As Radio Zet informed, little is known about the person who published the photos on the Internet. An alleged Russian blogger from the Asian part of Russia published the drastic photos coming. He set up his profile at the beginning of last year. He published the photos a month ago, the radio informed.


Moscow denies that the photos originate from the Russian investigation files. According to the Polish Press Agency the blog where the photos were firstly published is run by Anton Sizych, aged 51, living in Barnaul, in Altai Krai, in Syberia. The material illustrated by photos was accompanied by texts authored by Tatiana Karacuba. Karacuba is a mysterious psychologist, who happened to work in diplomacy; she had been working, inter alia, for the UN administration in New York and Geneva. In Soviet times working for those institution were used as a cover up for the KGB intelligence.


It is unknown how these photos have initially come to be circulated, who specifically has initially distributed them and why, it is unknown why someone would even publish the shocking photos and even try to sell them. "If after the air crash the Polish authorities had acted appropriately and in accordance with the law, if they had not given the investigation to the Russians and had not given them all the evidence, all this would not have happened. These are not private photos, they were taken by officials" said Antoni Macierewicz.

The published photos of the Smolensk’s crash victims’ have shocked all of those who lost their relatives on that day, and are yet another source of pain for the families.


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