The 2010 Katyń Families Association

Forensic data have confirmed that the tomb marked 'President-in-exile Ryszard Kaczorowski' in the Temple of Divine Providence in southern Warsaw did not contain his body.



Warsaw hosted a two day conference during which over 100 prominent experts presented their independent research findings. Scientists agreed that all evidence pointed to explosions on board the plane whilst it was still in the air.



Last Polish president-in-exile Ryszard Kaczorowski has become the latest Smolensk disaster victim to be exhumed after concerns that his remains were mix-up by the Russians



Shocking photos of the Smolensk air crash victims have been published on the Internet.



A new investigation into the causes of the tragedy suggests that there may have been explosions on board their aircraft.

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In a statement, relatives confirme that the body exhumed is not that of Anna Walentynowicz.



Walentynowicz exhumed due to doubts concerning the accuracy of the Russian autopsies made immediately after the crash.




"The most probable cause of the crash in Smolensk were explosions that destroyed the plane while it was still in the air" - according to a new report.



The conference will cover all technical aspects associated with the destruction of the plane TU-154 M irrespective of the technical field to which the matter should be eligible.



The so called 'Miller Commission' has forged its own report on the Smolensk plane crash.