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"Until now, over the forty years of my professional career, I have never been refused to assist, neither in Zimbabwe nor Israel. The first time ever I was refused was here, in Poland; and only here." - Dr. Michael Baden


The Military Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw refused world-wide acknowledged expert to assist in post-mortem Smolensk crash examinations twice.



The administrative court ruled that Prime Minister Tusk had to reveal on what grounds/agreement was the Smolensk’s crash investigative proceedings based and initiated.



The crash was caused by two jolts that shook the TU-154 aircraft some time after it passed the infamous “armoured” birch tree. The events of the last seconds of the ill-fated TU-154 flight have been discovered with the help of scientists from the US, Australia and Poland, who worked on the case despite the Polish Government blocking their efforts.
Author: Anita Gargas. Source: niezależ / Translation by Iranda >>


We already know that the tragedy was neither caused by pilot error, nor by the birch tree. What we do know is that there might have been explosions aboard the aircraft.
Article by Antoni Macierewicz. Source. niezależ / Translation by Iranda >>


Former Polish expert accredited to the Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) Edmund Klich admitted on RMF FM radio that there was a tendency to direct the investigation into a human error factor and blame the pilots. He complained about the lack of support from the Polish government to those present at the scene in Russia.



After two years of being kept out in the open air and exposed to hard weather conditions, one of the main pieces of evidence in the form of the wreckage of the Tu-154 plane which crashed on 10 April 2010 was shown shining clean. Other parts such as windows seem to have been replaced with new ones. >>


PM Tusk argues against bill aimed towards pressuring the Russian cabinet to give back Poland the wreckage of the TU-154 plane. "This is a disgrace which will be written into history and you will be mentioned in it together with those who are on the Polish disgrace list," said Law and Justice party Chair Jaroslaw Kaczynski, adding that "in a political sense" those currently in power "are fully responsible for this air crash." >>


"The strength of the Smolensk lie is certainly due to the fact that it is so widespread." - Katarzyna Gojska-Hejke