The 2010 Katyń Families Association

Grzegorz Januszko (father of Natalia Januszko, Smolensk crash victim) has sent 10 questions to the Polish governmental Jerzy Miller Committee (working under the control of Prime Minister Donald Tusk) and to the independent parliamentary team of experts chaired by Antoni Macierewicz. Both sides, with different perceptions have drafted and prepared their answers.



Jerzy Artymiak, the Chief Military Prosecutor has stated that the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office has not ruled out the possibility of third party deliberate involvement in Smolensk - a case still being investigated by Polish prosecutors. >>


Can the presence of excessive amounts of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood of the Smolensk crash victims be evidence of explosions on board the TU-154M?



Due to increasing number of disbelievers in official reports, PM Tusk sets up a 'new team' to explain to the public opinion official governmental findings of the so-called Polish Miller Committee. Current propaganda has failed in persuading Poles in official accounts of the crash. >>


Award-winning director Antoni Krauze has begun shooting a feature about the Smolensk air tragedy, depicting the events surrounding the Smolensk air disaster in 2010 that killed 96 people, including Polish President Lech Kaczynski. >>


In reference to an article published in the weekly newsmagazine “Do Rzeczy”, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office issued a statement admitting that in addition to TNT, devices used in Smolensk on the wreckage of the plane detected nitro compounds, octogen (HMX) and hexogen (RDX)



Three years following the suspicious Smolensk plane crash new developments and evidence continue to surface.

Author: Paweł Styrna



52% of Poles believe that the reasons for the crash have still not been clarified and do not believe in official accounts of the causes of the crash. Whereas, 31,7% of Poles believe that the delegation to Smolensk was assassinated.



Antoni Macierewicz was invited to the European Parliament by The European Conservatives and Reformists Group to talk of the works and latest results of a team of experts investigating the causes of the Smolensk disaster. >>


A district court in Warsaw has ruled that the case regarding the preparations for the tragic April 2010 flight to Smolensk, Russia, should be reopened. Investigations have shown that the flight was poorly prepared and that severe “irregularities” had occurred.