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The independant parliamentary group established to investigate the causes of the TU-154M disaster of 10 April 2010 has recreated the most likely scenario of the final seconds of the tragic governmental Tu-154M flight to Smolensk.

"How the President of Poland died" is a simulation reconstructing the last seconds of the Tupolev flight to Smolensk based on facts, data and specialist analysis. This reconstruction of events of April 10, 2010 shows among others how the crew was misled of its course and position by the Smolensk airport control tower personnel and the subsequent destruction of the plane.

Experts and scientists working for over 3.5 years worked and put together a 20-minute simulation. Experts of the independent parliamentary group established to investigate the causes of the TU-154M disaster of 10 April 2010
chaired by Antoni Macierewicz, have used, among others, data from the flight recorders of the Tu-154M, data from the Russian report, and wreckage and debris analysis. Conclusions and latest expert findings have also been taken into account.

The film covers key aspects, as well as, the last phase of the flight and shows how the Russian controllers mislead the Tu-154M crew of its position and course, and how the approach had been taken over by a control center in Moscow (i.e. refusing to close down the airport and provide alternative airports), codenamed Logika.

The final phase of the flight is dissected in detail during which the destruction of the left wing has been deemed as the beginning of the subsequent plane destruction. The reconstruction shows how the destruction of the fuselage into small fragments all of which have been identified by experts of the parliamentary group which enabled the reconstruction of the plane's destruction process.

According to the authors, an explosion on the left wing initiated the disaster, causing the debris to damage two engines. The authors provide a deeper look into the destruction of the plane.

Analysis and documentation point to further two explosions. The first of which - around 15m above the ground - determined the tragic nature of the disaster killing all those flying in the rear part of the fuselage. Another explosion - the third - destroyed the cockpit and the President's cabin and centerwing. Proof of explosions can be most clearly seen by the torn starboard and the right side of the President's cabin. Windows and the President's cabin sofa have been found 40m from the fuselage crash scene location. 

This is by far the most comprehensive attempt to answer the question of what happened during the tragic flight of the government Tupolev, on 10 April 2010.


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