The 2010 Katyń Families Association

The Military Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw refused world-wide acknowledged expert to assist in post-mortem Smolensk crash examinations twice.

The motions to allow Dr. Michael Baden to join the post-mortem examination team were filed by Beata Gosiewska and Zuzanna Kurtyka – widows of Smolensk victims.

As has learned it is the first time ever, Dr. Baden was refused to take part in the post-mortem sections. During a press conference Dr. Michael Baden informed that he had been permitted to participate in post-mortem examinations in many countries including Pakistan and reminded that he had taken part in post-mortem examinations of twelve plane crashes in his professional career.

We decided there was no reason to widen the forensic team guaranteeing impartiality and reliable research” – as concluded by the Military Persecutor’s Office Colonel Zbigniew Rzepa – the Prosecutor’s Office Spokesman.     

The portal informed that the x-ray examination was not conducted during examination of the late vice-Prime Minister Przemyslaw Gosiewski.

Michael Baden commented that an x-ray examination might have led to the discovery of metal objects in the examined bodies.

Dr. Baden is one of the most prominent pathologists, who took part in post-mortem J.F. Kennedy examination and forensic research of the late Tsar Nikolai II remains.


edited from source: niezależ