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Personal belongings of victim confirm presence of TNT says family member after two independent U.S analysis.

Stanislaw Zagrodzki, cousin of Ms Ewa Bakowska, victim of the presidential plane crash in Smolensk of April 10, 2010, reveals that he had sent the personal belongings of the victim, including a safety belt from the TU-154 plane with which she was fastened, to two research centres in the U.S. According to Stanislaw Zagrodzki, the results confirmed the presence of TNT traces.

"Examinations have established the presence of trinitrotoluene in the fragments of the seat belt with which my cousin was fastened," said Stanislaw Zagrodzki at a press conference on Wednesday 31 October - a day after the published Rzeczpospolita daily article reporting that Polish experts had found traces of explosives, including TNT and nitro-glycerine, on as many as 30 seats from the wrecked plane and on a segment of the wing.

He confirms that the materials have now been sent again to another institute in the U.S for further examinations. "The belt is now being investigated in another, more detailed test in America." Zagrodzki refuses to reveal the names of the centres. He only reveals that it is in the USA. "Scientists have insisted that I should not inform the media before final analyses are finished but after reading the article in the Rzeczpospolita daily about traces of trinitrotoluene on plane seats I could not longer remain silent.",3/probki-z-pasa-wykazaly-obecnosc-trotylu,286062.html,amerykanscy-naukowcy-znalezli-trotyl-we-wraku-tupolewa.html,1022943,wid,15054562,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=1f869,nId,645609