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The left wing of the Tu-154M aircraft was destroyed as a result of internal explosion, there were several sources of explosion, and the birch had no impact on the original destruction of the wing - this is one of the key conclusions of the technical report of the Smolensk Subcommittee.


The press spokeswoman Marta Palonek announced the adoption of such motions - constituting one of the key conclusions of the technical report - by the members of the Subcommittee for the Re-examination of the Air Crash.


Press release:

On January 10 this year, at the plenary meeting of the Subcommittee on the Re-examination of the Air Crash, Frank Taylor, an international expert in the field of air accident investigation, after hearing the Sub-Commission's evidence, said:


1. The left wing of the TU 154 M aircraft was destroyed by an internal explosion.

2. There were several sources of explosion: in the wing, in the slot, and also in the center wing, confirmed by the analysis of the mechanism of hitting the door into the ground.

3. The birch did not affect the original destruction of the wing.


These applications were accepted by the members of the Subcommittee and constitute one of the key conclusions of the technical report.


For the first time, such a firm statement that an attempt had to be made in Smolensk was formulated a recognized foreign expert in the study of aviation crashes. What's more, Frank Taylor - because we’re talking about him - formulated his conclusions after reading the evidence.


After getting acquainted with the evidence - the foreign aviation expert signed the sentence - that is Frank Taylor from Great Britain.


This scholar at Cranfield University has been involved in aerospace research for years, and has also worked as a lecturer in aviation and security systems. He was the director of the Flight Safety Center at the College of Aeronautics in Cranfield, and in 1998 he was awarded the prestigious Jerome A. Lederer Award for technical excellence in air crash research. This distinction is awarded by the International Association of Aircraft Investigators.


Taylor, three years ago - after reading the reports of MAK and Miller - recognised that, in the process of explaining the disaster, there were “serious shortcomings, including negligence and failed explanations of various factors that could affect the final conclusions.” He then appealed for a further study of the Smolensk tragedy that would cover all its aspects. According to Frank Taylor, fragments of reports devoted to the behavior of the aircraft structure during destruction and regarding passenger survival were superficial and did not meet international standards. Doubts from a British specialist were also caused by the displacement of some parts of the wreck on the day of the disaster and 24 hours later. It is important because, according to Frank Taylor, “the description and analysis of the wreck do not seem to explain some of the extraordinary damage to the plane.” Today, Mr. Talyor has analysed the evidence and is now confident that the official reports cannot be taken seriously.



Source: PAP (Polish Press Agency), Gazeta Polska,,