The 2010 Katyń Families Association
  • - Comprehensive technical report into the reinvestigation of the Smolensk plane crash released by the Polish Government's Ministry of Defence (2018) (FULL English) (Summary English)


  • - Vladimir Putin's Russian Government Inquiry into the Crash of The Polish Air Force One in Smolensk, Russia, April 10, 2010 - dated March 2015 by Kazimierz Nowaczyk, Ph.D. (English, Polski)


  • - The Smolensk Reader's Digest (23 pages, all the facts) - dated November 2013 (English)



Other background documents:


- Information and Disinformation about the Smolensk Catastrophe - dated July 2011, a document by the Katyn 2010 Families Association (English)


- Status Report - dated November 10th, 2011 - what is known so far (English)
- Memorandum, Smolensk Pattern Threatens International Aviation - dated March 2012 (English)
- Status Report 2014 (English)

- Summary of the White Book report - dated 30 June 2011 (English, Polski) + Power Point presentation (English, Polski)

- The White Book in full, dated 30 June 2011 (temporarily available in the Polish language only) - drafted by the non-governmental Polish Parliamentary Group in charge of investigating the causes of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash, based on the findings of experts working with the Parliamentary Group under the chairmanship of Law and Justice MP Antoni Macierewicz whose undertakings have brought to public light many new facts and evidence behind April 10th 2010, undermining and discrediting the Polish and Russian governmental reports.


- The Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) - Manipulating aspects of the disaster - document dated February 2011 (English, Polski)


- 'Remarks of the Republic of Poland' (Polish governmental report) to the final Russian MAK report - this is not the final Polish governmental report, but only initial remarks) (English, Polski)

- Summary of the 'Remarks of the Republic of Poland' to the Russian MAK Report (English)

- Introduction letter (English)



Other important documents, including the March 28th public hearing transcript and presentations, can be found here