The 2010 Katyń Families Association

After analysing and reviewing samples, we discovered presence of explosive materials on 107 wreckage fragments and on a sample taken from a victim's body. This was discovered using three independent methods – said former Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz. He added that the substance discovered is most likely a material called RDX.

The Smolensk plane crash was caused by an explosion of the aircraft – said Antoni Macierewicz. Furthermore, he reported that traces of explosives were retrieved from more than one hundred samples of the Tu-154M wreckage and from one of the bodies of the victims.


A technical report presented in April by the National Defence sub-committee responsible for the re-investigation of the Smolensk plane crash pointed to explosions as the main cause for the crash. Our leaders, our friends and relatives died because of an explosion  ̵  Macierewicz noted.


He added that only now will it be possible to objectively assess the tragedy of April 10th, 2010. "Assessments and conclusions will point to those responsible not only on the Russian side, but also on the Polish side, because it must be remembered that there are also culprits on the Polish side."

Mr Macierewicz said that the public will still need to wait for the presentation of the final report, but stated that a breakthrough had been reached. He informed that the subcommittee's proceedings are being conducted on several lines – including those in relation to the technical aspects already presented but also proceedings in connection with the precise explanation on how this tragedy was carried out and by whom. "Many lies and disinformation were circulated around the world, not only in Poland, the disinformation surrounding the Smolensk case is unprecedented.” - said Macierewicz

As he noted, "the Smolensk case shouldn't be seen as part of a political game but rather as the essence of Polish national existence." Therefore, as he said, the subcommittee's work pattern is focused on "rationality, pragmatism, honesty and the rule of law."

Source: PAP