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One of the episodes entitled "Death of the President" of the "Mayday. Air Crash Investigation" documentary series aired on National Geographic Channel on Jan 27th 2013, devoted to the Smolenk crash has raised much controversy in Poland.

The plane carrying Polish President Lech Kaczynski, the entire military command and top Polish officials crashed in Smolensk, western Russia, in April 2010. Polish and Russian investigators have blamed the accident on weather conditions and mistakes made by both the Polish pilots and Russian air traffic controllers.

The basic observation is that National Geographic with its authors of the "Mayday. Air Crash Investigation" series simply do not care for the actual truth. The film is biased by presenting only the version of events from the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) and the Polish 'Miller Committee' reports, pointing to pilot error as the main cause of the crash. These two reports are considered as the ultimate scenarios into what happened.


The Polish and Russian governmental reports are unavoidably political, consequently biased in nature and possess an inherent conflict of interest (suffice to say, parties responsible for preparing and organising the flight, were the actual authors of the final Polish governmental report). The movie is absolutely one sided and is nothing more than a political screening adaptation of both Polish and Russian governmental reports, whose many findings have been proven to be false and unfounded, subsequently giving a misleading picture and set of circumstances into the death of 96 Polish EU citizens.


After several appeals and letters sent to the producers and broadcaster, asking them to refrain from broadcasting their episode, has received a reply from the Cineflix producer containing the following excerpt:


"[...] Air Crash Investigation relies on official accident reports and interviews with investigators as its primary source of information. We do not conduct independent research, nor draw our own conclusions about the cause of aviation accidents.  In this case, our principal sources were the Final Report by Poland’s Committee for Investigation of National Aviation Accidents, the Final Report by the Russian MAK, and interviews with members of the Polish investigative team. [...]" 


It is worth noting, that the episode has been produced and aired before Russian and Polish prosecution have even had a chance to finish their investigations. Not to mention that the Polish governmental report into the causes of the crash has been solely based on data received from and hand picked by the Russians (with original black boxes and wreckage still in Russia today, with one black box having been missing/misplaced)


The authors of the movie have chosen to ignore: the voices of over 100 independent experts as well as the works and findings of the non-governmental independent Polish Parliamentary Group in charge of investigating the causes of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154M crash; the abundance of critical voices from family members and experts, who have successfully challenged and discredited official version by bringing facts and findings to light. The authors have also chosen to ignore the lack of any transparent investigation with all its disorder and nuisances.


The episode "Death of the President" is an exceptional blend of lies and distortions, based on the continuous information advertised by the Russians since the first hours after the crash - information that in its majority has already long been discredited. Viewers will not learn anything from the movie that would explain the real causes of the crash. However, the movie is a great example of the lies many in Poland face and struggle with in their battle for the truth. This movie is also an example into the reasons why websites such as have to exist.


If we look closer into why Cineflix decided to produce the film about the Smolensk disaster, answers could be sought in the transactions, which the Canadian company made in November 2010 with Russia. The film that supports the thesis of the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) into the crash is associated with the producer's high revenue in Russia, according to historian, columnist, Dr. George Targalski. The revenue of the producer in Russia for 2010 has increased by 300%. Increasing revenue in Russia on such a scale can not take place without  permission. It's not necessarily an issue of executing orders, rather a question of meeting expectations.


The broadcaster and makers of the "Mayday" series are now responsible for spreading a long list of false information and political propaganda going against the good name and the interests of the Republic of Poland and, moreover, which besmear the crew of the governmental TU-154M plane as well as going against the interests of the relatives of the victims of the national tragedy.


The only conspiracy theory here is the Polish and Russian governmental versions into what happened, this why we would like to strongly recommend the following reading to the producers, makers and audience of the above mentioned film "Misconceptions - Let's get things straight!"



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