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Jerzy Artymiak, the Chief Military Prosecutor has stated that the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office has not ruled out the possibility of third party deliberate involvement in Smolensk - a case still being investigated by Polish prosecutors.

In response to questions of PiS (Law and Justice) senators concerning the Smolensk investigation Jerzy Artymiak, the Chief Military Prosecutor stated that the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office does not rule out the possibility of third parties’ intentional involvement in Smolensk - a case still being investigated by Polish prosecutors.

The parliamentary interpellation drafted and signed by senators Marek Martynowski, Grzegorz Wojciechowski, Beata Gosiewska, Bogdan Pęk, Jan Maria Jackowski, Krzysztof Słoń, Władysław Ortyl, Wojciech Skurkiewicz, Stanisław Karczewski and Stanisław Kogut at the 30th Senate session on April 4th, 2013 was answered by Jerzy Artymiak, the Chief Military Prosecutor.

The senators wanted to know whether the investigators appointed on August 3rd, 2011 had completed their work and if not, when their investigation would end. Moreover, the senators wanted to determine the current status of the Smolensk investigation, the number of prosecutors involved, the activities performed by them. The senators also asked whether “at the present stage of investigation the possibility of intentional action of third parties as the cause of the crash is taken into account and if it is not, what kind of evidence has been the basis for ruling out this version.”

In response to the questions drafted by the group of senators, Jerzy Artymiak, the Chief Military Prosecutor, stated that procedural acts under the Smolensk investigation are performed by 7 prosecutors and 21 prosecutors in total have been involved in the performance of evidence-related activities since the initiation of investigation on April 10th, 2010.  In compliance with the statement made by Jerzy Artymiak “the present status of investigation does not allow to specify even the approximate date of termination of investigation”. According to the Chief Military Prosecutor, substantial termination of the case “depends on the reception of all evidence and materials from competent bodies of the Russian Federation and on obtaining many opinions from investigators, including the final opinion of the investigator’s team, appointed by means of the decision of the prosecutor from the District Military Prosecutor in Warsaw of August 3rd, 2011”.


Most interesting, however, is part of the statement in which the Chief Military Prosecutor admits that the Prosecutor’s Office is still investigating a terrorist attack motif.

- At present, none of the investigated options, including the option of potential intentional action of third parties, which could lead to the crash, has not been ruled out yet and all of them are being examined – wrote Jerzy Artymiak.


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TNT after all - On the 5th December 2012, Military investigators admitted to Members of Parliament during a sitting of the Justice Committee that detectors traced TNT in the wreckage of the plane.

More than TNT - In reference to an article published in the weekly newsmagazine “Do Rzeczy”, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office issued a statement admitting that in addition to TNT, devices used in Smolensk on the wreckage of the plane detected nitro compounds, octogen (HMX) and hexogen (RDX)


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