The 2010 Katyń Families Association

Families demand exclusion of 6 prosecutors from the Smolensk investigation under suspicion of negligence, criminal liability and partiality.

Stefan Hambura - attorney of several families of the Smolensk crash victims - filed a motion for the exclusion of 6 prosecutors, from the Smolensk investigation, due to a possibility of negligent decisions but also due to reasonable doubt as to their impartiality in the investigation.

The request was submitted with the Attorney General and the Military Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. "I want to exclude from conducting further investigative duties military prosecutors: Lt.-Col. Karol Kopczyk, Lt. Col. Jaroslaw Seja, Lt.-Col. Robert Pyra, from all activities and conduct surveillance operations along with spokesperson Col. Ireneusz Szeląg and Col. Ryszard Filipowicz. I also requested the suspension from further duties the spokesperson of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office Lt.-Col. Janusz Wojcik. In my view there are serious doubts as to their impartiality - said Stefan Hambura.

Hambura is referring to an investigation being conducted by the Military Prosecutor's Office in Poznan. "In the course of this proceeding, prosecutors are trying to establish whether the duties of prosecutors from the Military Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw in April 2010 have been neglected. The investigation concerns an assessment into the legal compliance and the legality of conduct of prosecutors posted in Russia in April 2010, among others, Col. Irenaeus Szeląg and Lt.-Col. Janusz Wojcik but also prosecutors who remained in Poland, Col. Ryszard Filipowicz, Lt.-Col. Karola Kopczyka, Lt.-Col. Jaroslaw Seja and Lt.-Col. Robert Pyra.

In the course of the investigation it is being determined whether the failure to participate in the autopsies conducted in Moscow, and subsequently not carrying out an inspection of the victims' bodies once in Poland have features and traits of a criminal offence.

In his view, "If it turned out for example that the bodies of the victims contained traces of explosive materials, prosecutors could face criminal liability charges, who's omissions are subject of an investigation." - said Stefan Hambura.

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