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A leaked report, drafted by the only Polish accredited to the Russian investigation blames the Russians for the crash and calls for a new report into its causes. Edmund Klich believes that the final Russian IAC/MAK report must be rejected in its entirety due to lack of professionalism, lack of cooperation and sever manipulations.

According to Gazeta Polska and, a report, by the only Polish accredited to the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK), former Chairman of the Polish State Commission on Aircraft Accidents Investigation (SCAAI), Col. Edmund Klich claims that the Russians are to blame for the death of 96 people on board the Tu-154. The report, drafted on November 30, 2010, is a catalogue of final comments to the Russian draft report and investigation. In it, Edmund Klich believes that the Russian IAC/MAK report must be rejected in its entirety, among others due to lack of professionalism, cooperation and manipulation. The Russian and Polish side, both failed to consider the final remarks drafted by the only accredited to the Russian investigation and were ignored in both their final conflicting reports that blamed the pilots and bad weather conditions for the crash. (Document number 1271/AK/92/2010/11 entitled "Remarks of the Accredited Representative of the Polish at the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee to the draft report on the causes into the TU154-M plane crash of 10 April 2010 near Smolensk"). The report although drafted on November 30, 2010 its content has only been made public now.

The report reads among other:
"A new report must be drafted based on full information, in particular concerning the issues of flight security, decision-making and control of flight of Tu-154M.”

"One gets the impression that the airport did not work, nor did any flight control service. In fact, the situation may have been safer if they [control tower] were not there. The draft report is very biased because it bypasses and fails to consider all, if even simply potential, errors and negligence of the Russian party.

The report by Edmund Klich stipulates, that the Russian control tower in Smolensk was ordered from Moscow to bring the Tu-154M aircraft down for a landing approach. Additionally, out of sever negligence, the Russian control tower continuously gave out wrong position and location commands and mislead the polish Tu-154M crew.  Additionally, the command "Horizon" was given out, when it was already too late. Klich calls the investigation and the Russian draft report biased due to lack of professionalism and manipulations.

The above mentioned document was at the time forwarded to the Polish Miller Commission (in charge of the Polish investigation) but as it turned out until recently, was completely ignored and not even considered by the Polish side in its final report. As the document is not of a secret rank a motion has been filed for it to be made public. A notification of a possible offence has also been filed by the non-governmental Polish parliamentary group led by Antoni Maciereiwcz, blaming former Minister of Interior Jerzy Miller who was then also at the time chair of the Polish Investigation and Prime Minister Donald Tusk who supervised the works of the Polish Commission, for failing to react.

Translated and edited from source:

Foto: Zbyszek Kaczmarek/Gazeta Polska