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According to a report by Polish archaeologists working at the Smolensk crash site in October 2010, the Tu154M plane fell apart into app. 20 thousand fragments.

The “w Sieci” weekly magazine has published a report by Polish archaeologists, who worked on the Smolensk crash site in October 2010. The autumn 2010 report is yet another strong piece of circumstantial evidence, indicating that TU-154M fell apart as a result of an explosion rather than as a result of a “simple” impact with the soil. The conclusions which may be drawn from report cannot be ignored or snubbed. According to the report, the plane fell apart into app. 20 thousand pieces. It is yet another strong piece of circumstantial evidence, indicating explosions on board the governmental plane. This can be confirmed among others by the huge number of debris but also by the significant dismemberment of the victims’ bodies. Furthermore, according to the report there could be more parts buried deeper in the ground. The conclusions of the archaeologists’ have been made public after three years - for unknown reasons, although the prosecutor’s office has long been acquainted with the report, since 2010.

Maybe it is this research that was a turning point in the approach adopted by the prosecutor’s office, that inexplicably started to examine other versions than those promoted at the beginning, i.e. pilot error. The number of debris parts is quiet shocking. Maintaining that the crash was a result of anything other than an explosion is unjustified. However, it is hard to say whether this could truly change the prosecutor’s office approach. Considering the fact that a huge number of files are classified, the prosecutor’s office could have in its possession more shocking material. However, the investigators are not willing to share these materials with the public or with the families of the victims. The prosecutor’s office is well aware that the development of certain hypotheses is not preferred. It all started with the disclosure of sensitive materials and ended in concealing evidence pointing to another course of the crash than the one being officially promoted. The content of the archaeologists’ report is proof that there exists an urgent need to publish the greatest possible amount of investigative materials, especially those that do not contain any sensitive knowledge and that can be easily disclosed as a whole. However, the investigators prefer to avoid difficult questions.


Can a plane from a low height, at a low speed, falling onto wet soil fall apart into 20 thousand pieces? According to Polish official state institutions, there is nothing surprising in that and we do not have to worry about such information. The state investigators (and it seems that also the representatives of the governmental committee) have been aware of such numerous fragments since autumn 2010. What have they done with this knowledge? It seems that nothing at all.


The number of plane fragments over Lockerbie, where a bomb was detonated at the height of 9 km in 1988, was much smaller. Over period of a few months, more than one thousand people collected over 10 thousand elements of plane debris - at least twice as little as in the case of Polish TU-154M.


Additionally, how can it be explained that many blackened plane parts were found before the place of impact with the ground?

The Chairman of the Independent Parliamentary Group set to investigate and to establish the causes of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash, Antoni Macierewicz, stressed that the archaeologists’ report published in the "w Sieci" weekly magazine confirms the analyses conducted by his team experts. The conducted research in Smolensk on the runway of the Severny Airport in autumn 2010, by archaeologists, fully confirms the so far analyses conducted by the parliamentary team, said Antoni Macierewicz.



"This report seems to confirm the works of the parliamentary team, which has published a detailed map of dispersion of the fragments found at the crash site but also pieces of debris found before the place of impact! Described are a several hundred plane parts, both from the wing and the body. This material confirmed that the crash had been caused by an explosion and that the tragedy had not occurred as a result of simple crash due to pilot error. Our research was prepared on the basis of our experts’ research and information obtained from the Russian investigation protocols. The Russian investigators, who searched the crash site on April 10th, 11th and 12th, described the specific fragments. These fragments were later concealed in the governmental reports of the Russian IAC and the Polish Miller’s Committee. Additionally, action was taken to conceal the fact that the disintegration of the plane began before the place where the birch-tree was growing! The dispersion of the wreckage debris stretched over an area of 1.5 km, and was much greater than formulated by the official committees examining the tragedy. Furthermore, they even concealed the fact of moving a plane fragment closer to the centre of the wreckage and crash site!

stabiliser position

At present the description of the condition and state of specific remains is of a huge importance. There are photos which indicate that many parts were not only blackened, but also melted. This would also confirm the hypothesis of explosion and the destruction of the plane in the air; moreover, it would also show the scale of fraud which we have been experienced for almost four years by official intuition bodies whose obligation is to search and reveal the truth. The prosecutors announced after the tragedy that anything which was not threatening to state safety and which was not considered a state secret would be disclosed to the public opinion.


Instead, we are faced with the falsification and concealing of the basic evidence. There is no doubt that there was an explosion in the plane. At present we are discussing the causes of such explosion and the technical aspects of this drama. The denial of an explosion is an attempt to hide the fact that the administration is responsible for handing over the whole investigation to Russia authorities and to protect the people who are responsible for this whole drama. 

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